Cornrow Hairstyles for Men


Cornrow Hairstyles for Men. Cornrow hairstyles are a traditional type of braiding the hair close to the head. While usually done in directly rows, the cornrow may also be seen in complex geometric as well as curved patterns. Often discovered adorned with beads or even shells, the cornrow hairstyle is favored for its ease of maintenance. It can be left in for several weeks at a time with careful cleaning and oiling of the head.

Cornrows were a common method of styling hair in Subwoofer Saharan Africa for centuries, and also were continued in the United States along with other countries by enslaved Africans. The cornrow hair style may be used to display social status, too. Things like religion, age, kinship, status, and ethnicity may all be conveyed. In the 1960’s the styles became broadly popular among African Americans in order to highlight their natural tresses texture.

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