Different French Braid Hairstyles


Different French Braid Hairstyles, Start by brushing your hair with a paddle remember to brush to smooth it and remove any knots, then use your fingers to separate a two-inch section of hair from your hairline back to the top. Occurs fingers to divide the piece into three equal sections and get started braiding by crossing the strand in your right give over the strand in the middle. The best strand should now be the middle strand. Then, cross the left strand over the middle strand. The middle strand should now be the left strand. Maintain the hair tight by pulling the sections from the other person and hold the hair that you've already braided in your left hand. Use your right index finger to part your hair horizontally, just above your right hearing, from your hairline back again to the biggest market of your brain to form a new right strand. Incorporate this section in to the original right section and cross the whole right section over the middle section. While keeping the hair that you have just braided in your right hand, use your left index finger to horizontally separate the same section of hair as step 3 on your left side. Hold it tightly and incorporate it to the original left segment. Cross the left area on the middle section. Do it again Steps 3 and 4 with the next section of hair starting just below your right hearing, and then with the section of hair starting just below your left ear canal. Begin a traditional braid by alternating the right segment within the middle, the remaining over the middle, and the right back within the center, etc., until only three inches are loose.

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