Easy Hairstyles For Hair


Easy Hairstyles For Hair. 2 weeks ago, I chopped a respectable amount of my hair away for the first time in almost 5 years. For the last few years, I have been dedicated to growing the hair as long as possible - and i also did! This past summer, our hair was the longest it is probably ever been. I had limitless styling options, and I cherished how it looked. However after a few months spent in the beach and in the sun, the actual ends were basically ruined.

Around the summer, the smaller, more medium-length hairstyle began to get super trendy. We watched some of my favorite popular heads of hair, such as Kim Kardashian, Lucy Rumpe, and Lauren Conrad, snip off their long hair for a long bob. I actually started to want the lengthy bob, which looks stylish, glam, fresh and different.

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