How To Do A Bun Hairstyle


How To Do A Bun Hairstyle. The bun is a type of hair do wherein the hair is drawn back from the face, turned or plaited, and covered in a circular coil about itself, typically on the back side of the head or neck. Any bun can be secured having a barrette, bobby pins, the hair stick, a hairnet, and/or a pencil, as well as hair may be wrapped of a piece called a "rat". Buttocks may be tightly gathered, or even loose and more informal.

The phrase was popularized by the cartoons and manga series Sailor man Moon, whose eponymous heroine, her mother during the Historic Silver Millennium, Queen Tranquility, and her future child from the 30th Century Silver precious metal Millennium, Chibiusa (although Chibiusa's are more conical than spherical), all wear their hair within this style. They also wear 2 pigtails of hair which hang down from the a couple of spherical buns, but this is simply not universal to the term's utilization within Japan, itself. The word odango in Japanese may refer to any variety of bun hairstyle.

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