Women Hairstyles Long Hair


Women hairstyles long hair As much as I envy the women who can wear extension twists for six to eight weeks at a time, I know my scalp cannot handle it. Even when I create mini twists on blown-out hair, I know that I am about to tolerate weeks of an inflamed and irritated scalp due to my seborrheic dermatitis. My scalp condition requires that I cleanse my scalp one or two times per week, but my schedule does not revolve around my hair and sometimes I want more diverse styling options, like everyone else.

Of course, you can wash your hair with extension twists, but the scales from seborrheic dermatitis tend to be larger than regular dandruff and surround multiple strands, making them difficult to rinse away. My scalp is another reason cleansing conditioners are off-limits for me. They do wonders on my hair but only irritate my scalp, so I restrict my cleansing to shampoo.

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