Natural Hairstyles Twist Out


Natural Hairstyles Twist Out. Once i decided to transition my tresses from relaxed to organic over the course of a year or so, We naively thought I could carry on my usual lazy-girl program which basically consisted of see the hairdresser and having another person deal with the mess in the head. But , as more and more brand new growth began to replace the straighter strands, I grew to become concerned about not only the heat harm that might occur in the long run, however the fact that I was relying on someone else to do all the work. So , I actually took on the task to do my own hair.

I rapidly realized I had no idea things i was doing. Turns out, reading through countless natural hair weblogs and watching many hours associated with YouTube tutorials does not create one an expert. My very first twist-out was such a fall short, I ended up covering our hack job with a head wear. Don't even get me personally started on my botched bantu knots. Lawd.

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