Short Hairstyles Over 50 Fine Hair


Short Hairstyles Over 50 Fine Hair, We don't know about you, but we're ill of having to give up some winks for a significant 'do. We are women of the millennium after all, multi-taskers of the century. We now have babies and bring home the bread. Surely we can master some go-to beautiful hairstyles that don't take all morning to pull off, right?
Well, we put one woman to quality to find out. We asked the hairstylists at Byu-Ti Salon in Father christmas Monica, Calif., to educate her how to remodel her self-proclaimed "boring" hair quickly. Then we challenged the woman to recreate a brand new look every morning for a week. The catch? The girl was given no more than ten minutes a day to create more effective unique and inspiring hair styles.

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