how to do american girl doll hairstyles


how to do american girl doll hairstyles. Nice and Simple Side Braids. This particular hairstyle is so easy and any way to get your doll's tresses out of her eyes. Begin by brushing out your dolls curly hair, and then gather a small area at the crown of the girl head. Seperate it in to three sections and begin braiding. Tie off with a hairtie or small clip.

Hippie Braided Headband. This is this type of groovy way to dress up your doll's look. First gather a little section of hair from one of the edges of your dolls head. Individual into three sections as well as braid (make sure you own it tight as it can slide easily). Tie off having a hairtie. Braid the same way to another side of your dolls mind and tie off using a hairtie.

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