short hairstyles with shaved back


short hairstyles with shaved back. Hair styles may come and go however, many really make a splash as well as leave a mark which is carried over generations. The female hairstyles with a shaved areas on one side are the most recent fashion in hip hop and jazzy. The bald patch could be carried off with really short bobs, crew slashes, medium length hair along with very long hair. Pair this with some ethnic jewelry and also body piercing and you have the punk rock and punk band kind of look. These types of hairstyles are meant for those who wish to look completely different from the crowd.

Hair loss is something that was concealed with wigs at one time. These days, it is sported as a design statement by men and also women. These shaved hair styles are some examples of how females carry off bald sections as part of their hairstyles. Whether or not you have long hair, moderate or short, a shaved patch on one side can also add a touch of funky and jazzy to the entire look. Put in a flashy hair dye such as pink, red or glowing blue and you are ready to rock. These kinds of hairstyles are especially popular with ladies.

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